Couple Accused of 16 Years of Abuse

Matthew Zeigler, a 48 year old man and his wife Christine Zeigler are being accused by the Pennsylvania attorney general of abusing their 8 kids over the span of 16 years.  The allegations are stating that Matthew Zeigler had abused his kids by denying them access to food, beating and intimidating them as well as locking them in closets for days on end. His wife, Christine, is accused of looking the other way and rarely doing anything to stop him. The social worker in charge of of the case says it is the worst that has been put on his desk in his career. The Ziegler’s are appearing in court on the 16th of this month and are both facing over 50 years in a federal prison if convicted. They are not allowed to be in contact with their kids as of this time.

Department of Health Approves Large Grant

The central Susquehanna intermediate unit has received a $1,755,707 grant from the department of health. The money is going to help fund the early head start programs in northumberlin county. This program serves over a hundred families below the poverty level, 10 percent of which are classified as special needs, and the money is going to help make things more accessable in regards to transportation and improving the programs quality.

2,000 Masks Donated

United Way North Central Mass was recently the recipient of a corporate donoation that helped purchase 2,000 masks for the Lycoming County United Way. The massachusets based corporate donor, AIS, is a furniture manufacturer and is heavily involved in a program called sew the masks since spring of 2020. To date they have produced and distributed 150,000 masks. According to the sun gazette Ron Frick, the president of the Lycoming County United Way, said that he was thankful for the donation. According to their director of community impact, the masks they received will be distributed to community partners on a first come first serve basis.

Manufacturing Company Relocating to Lycoming County

A midwest Manufacturing Company from will be relocating to Lycoming County and will bring about 150 jobs with them.  According to the Sun Gazette, Digger Specialties of Bremen Indiana will break ground on county land across from the landfill along Route 15 next year.   The Lycoming County Commissioners approved the agreement yesterday, naming the property as being in a Keystone Opportunity Zone which allows for business tax exemptions over time.  The Commissioners credited the effort of Jason Fink of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce for the company’s move that will bring a local demand for welders and other skilled workers.

City Council Budget Revisions

City council has made some revisions to the mayor’s first proposed budget, leaning more towards budget cuts, taking out$766,500 dollars of tax revenue in a 4 to 2 vote. According to the Sun Gazette, city councilman Adam Yoder said that the first Mayor Slaughters first budget was the largest tax increase in over 15 years, and gave shade to the current attitude from many state employees saying that we have to figure out how to live within our means rather than raising taxes to keep up. Currently the tax rate is staying at 17.22 million dolllers, down from 2.5 million, but according to councilwomen Liz Miele says that it is not a final product. The mayor and council will be continuing their work on the budget over the next week.

Outpatient COVID-19 Testing

This Monday UPMC will be expanding their service hours at the COVID-19 outpatient collection site starting Monday. Anyone with a physician referall will be able to get a covid test at the Brandon ave location. The new hours will be Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm, and Sunday 8am to noon. The chief medical Director, David Lopatofsky says the hours change is in response to the spike of patients we have been having, and that it is ment to reduce the expended resources on site inside the hospital. It’s going to allow a more thorough and efficient exam for people who don’t necessarily need the higher level of care the hospital provides.


Penn College

Penn College’s board of athletic directors have voted to shut down all winter sports competitions due to rising rates within the community of COVID-19. While all competitions are off, training and other team activities are still permitted and all decisions are subject to change moving forward.



The NFL will prohibit in-person meetings at team facilities for two days after game days, according to a memo distributed Thursday night to all clubs. The memo also lifted a previous restriction that capped the number of players who could attend or travel to a game at 62.



New York Yankees third baseman Gio Urshela had surgery Friday to remove a bone chip from his right elbow, and the team said his expected recovery time is three months. Urshela is likely to miss about half of spring training, which starts in mid-February, and will have just a few weeks to get into shape ahead of the opener against Toronto on April 1.