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The saga of the new scoreboard at Bowman Field continues.  One of the companies which bid on a new scoreboard. Visua of LaCrosse Wisconsin has alleged a conflict of interest saying the original bids for the new scoreboard at the Ballpark used by the Williamsport Crosscutters, saying that a consultant from a competitor was allowed into a closed door meeting where officials were selecting who would be awarded the bid.  The city denies that claim.  A second bidding process was ordered anyway, and last week, city council postponed awarding a contract for that and other work until a full financing package is revealed.


The Muncy Police department will be on the move.  In a contested vote of 4-2, borough council approved the move of the police department there from Borough Hall on North Washington Street to the city’s water building on Old Glade Run Road.  The move is in order for the department to have more space.  Councilpersons Elaine McAleer and Richard Baker voted against the plan saying they would have liked toi hear more public input on the move.


A New Jersey man who was found transporting a large amount of cocaine through the city of Williamsport earlier this month, faces charges in federal court.  Franklin Mejia of Paterson New Jersey was pulled over in the city by State Police on February 5th with 500 grams of cocaine found in a hidden compartment in the car.  It was the largest seizure ever of the drug in the area.  He has been indicted by a federal grand jury on drug trafficking charges and faces a maximum penalty of 40 years in federal prison followed by probation as well as a fine.


Clinton County Commissioners yesterday refused to schedule a public hearing concerning a zoning change in which a drug treatment center would be allowed at the historic Woolrich lodge in Gallagher Township.  Acting on the County Planning Commission’s vote to recomemened to commissioners that an exception for the center not be allowed, Commissioners yesterday said no to develolpe Robert Wise II to conduct a public hearing.  He is looking for a special exception ot the Woodland Conservation District zone in order to get the rehabilitation center established.


The Clinton County Conservation District now has their very own building.  The seven agency staff members had been working in a county owned building along Cooperation Lane in Mill Hall, and yesterday county commissioners there approved the sale of that county owned office building and land to the District for a price of $150,00 dollars.  The building will be bought through a no interest loan.  The sale was pursued when the county bought a building at the Piper Memorial Airport, moving offices there.  Officials with the Conservation District said they preferred to stay in the country and not move their offices.


The family of a greeter at an area WalMart are scheduled to meet with store officials there as the 30 year old man with cerebral palsy tried to keep his job.  Adam Catlin was told that his job description was changing and that he would need to be able to lift 25 pounds, stand ofr long periods of time, write reports and read receipts.  Catlin used a walker and is legally blind.  Catlin has been welcoming customers there for more than a decade and if a compromise doesn’t happen, he would lose his job in April.


A seemingly minor accident involving a school bus in Shamokin yesterday morning has some parents up in arms there.  The accident happened around 10:45 as the bus carrying elementary school students brushed bumpers with another vehicle.  No children were treated at the scene and they were told to report to the school nurse. Several parents report they took their kids to the hospital to be checked out. Some had concussions and other minor injuries.  Parents are also unhappy with the way the accident was reported to them by the district.


A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a former inmate at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary following a 2016 assault which has rendered the man incapable of taking care of himself.  The other of inmate Charles Coma alleged the Warden and saff at Lewisburg were negligent and failed to protect him when they moved him into a small cell with another inmate that he feared.  In February of 2016 that inmate tied a bedsheet around Coma’s neck and strangled hime leaving Coma with a debilitating brain injury.  The lawsuit claims negligence, battery and assault, reckless disregard of safety and intentional infliction of emotional distress.