What Is Jake Listening To?

What Is Jake Listening To?

Each week I’ll post a video to a song that I think is worth a listen or two.  A lot of the music I’ll be sharing with you is from the 70’s and 80’s, with an emphasis on songs that you may have heard before but don’t hear much of these days.  This will be a fun little feature that I hope you come back to and check weekly.

You’ll come to find out that I have a wide variety of music styles I enjoy listening to.  Some days I’m in to total 80’s pop, other days I may be in to Hair Metal or Bluegrass, maybe Rockabilly… you never know with me… ha!

Alrighty, the song that I am queuing up for “What Is Jake Listening To” is a song by the Boston based band Til Tuesday.  Some back history about the band, they formed in 1982 in Boston and have been put in the new wave and alternative categories of music.  Of course alternative in 1982 is nothing like in 1992.  The band features singer/songwriter/bassist Aimee Mann, guitarist Robert Holmes, Joey Pesce on keyboards and Michael Hausman on drums.  The band gained fame quickly in the Boston area with the release of their song “Love In a Vacuum.”  It was with that song that the band got signed by Epic Records.

They are best remembered for their hit single “Voices Carry” from their debut album of the same name in 1985.  The album went to #19 on the Billboard Album Charts and the song “Voices Carry” went to #8 on the charts while the video received heavy airplay on MTV.

So what is Jake listening to?  It’s the song “Coming Up Close” from their second album titled “Welcome Home” released in 1986.  The album didn’t do nearly as well as their debut and stalled at 49 on the charts.  The song “Coming Up Close” didn’t fare much better as it peaked at #59 on the Billboard Hot 100.

While Aimee Mann has gone on to receive critical praise for her songwriting and solo albums since the break-up of the band, she or Til Tuesday never had the success of their first album and single again.  As a singer/songwriter, Aimee Mann is always on the top of my list of favorites, if you’re looking to branch out to something new, give a listen to some of her tunes.

Past songs Jake was listening to…

Europe – I’ll Cry For You

Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight (Orchestral Version)