Showcase Your Restaurant

It’s the taste. The taste of Tag’s. The taste you remember.
Visit Tag’s Take Out on Market Street to pick up delicious ready-made meals like
Tag’s Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan, Gnocchi & Meatballs and enjoy of their weekly
specials like fall-off-the-fork Chicken Marsala with Side Spaghetti, Baked Italian
Chicken, Cheese Manicotti with made-from-scratch crepes, and more!
Tag’s Take Out offers easy grab-n-go containers of Tag’s Original Sauce, Meatballs –
yes, those perfectly sumptuous and very large meatballs – and handmade pasta like
Home-Mades, Gnocchi, Cheese Ravioli and Meat Ravioli.
Tag’s Take Out also offers a wide variety of vegetarian options perfect for Lenten
Season including Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Alfredo or Marinara Sauce, Baked
Italian Haddock with Roasted Potatoes, Vegetable Lasagna, Vegetarian Eggplant
Parmesan and more!
Complete your Tag’s experience with an Aldo Salad, Tag’s Peppers or John Flock’s
Gourmet Italian Peppers with Italian Bread from Lycoming Bakery.
And save room for dessert!
Talk about La Dolce Vita! Tag’s offers an assortment of gourmet, NY-Style Cheesecake
flavors from Batter-Up Bakery and authentic Italian pastries like Pasticiotti, Ginettes
and Biscotti made with love by Nancy Caschera from Predoni’s Bakery!
Tag’s also imports Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy! Tag’s is one of the only providers of
this olive oil in the country – and it is, hands-down, amazing!
So stop in to Tag’s Take Out & Italian Specialty Store at 1116 Market Street in
Williamsport, or call to place your order at (570) 865 – TAGS.