Teen Gets Assault Charges

A teenage girl is being charged for assault after testing positive for COVID-19, and intentionally spitting on people. While at a treatment facility in Montour County, she contracted the virus, and knowingly struck, scratched, bit, coughed, and sneezed on more than 4 staff members. At this time no information has been released on the girl due to her age, nor has any information on whether they contracted it. She has been charged through the Montour county probation office.

Bell Ringing Stopped This Holiday Season

As Christmas approaches, one starts to wonder where has all the bell ringing gone? How will I donate my leftover change? According to the sun gazette, Kendra Parke, the marketing and community engagement coordinator of American rescue workers are putting in an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19 this time around, due to the simple fact that a large majority of bell ringers are seniors. This decision isn’t without its heart ache though, bell ringing is a big chunk of the budget, raking in nearly $20,000 on a slow year. They will survive though, many public grants are being utilized to offset the cost, as well as other types of outreach for the cause.

ICU Director Fired Over Social Media Posts

The Director of the ICU at UPMC  Susquehanna has found some controversy surrounding her after a post she made on social media about masking. In the post the director talked about a man calling them a loser for not wearing a mask in Lowe’s, going on to say that they were 6 feet apart. Many people responded to the post negatively, assuming that the post was ment as a sneer to people in a different school of thought from her own. Multiple individuals filed formal complaints to UPMC, calling for the hospital to take action and set a precedent so that she wouldn’t say her opinion without proper etiquette on social media. She has recently been let go as an employee of the hospital due to multiple other, more blatantly boisterous posts.

City Budget Cuts Continue

The Williamsport City budget has been cut yet again thanks to the councilmen and women who challenged Mayor Derek Slaughters Major increase, cutting another 432,000 dollars off the originally proposed 2.5 million dollar increase. This brings the proposed increase to around 1 million dollars, a much milder and digestible number for Williamsport tax payers, and its not even done yet. According to the sun gazette councilmen and women are striving for even more cuts, with councilwomen Liz Miele spear heading efforts, challenging the administration to find an additional 436,000 dollars to cut before next weeks meeting.


College football

Utah State has canceled Saturday night’s scheduled game at Colorado State because of concerns voiced by football players about religious discrimination in the search for a new football coach, the university said in a statement Friday. The decision came after Aggies players said earlier Friday that they had opted out of the game because of comments allegedly made by Utah State president Noelle Cockett about interim coach Frank Maile.

Penn State will play Michigan today, with a kick off now set at noon.  It will be televised on ABC. The game will also be available on the Penn State Sports Network starting at 10:30 am and


Pitcher Brandon Morrow is back with the Los Angeles Dodgers, having signed a minor league contract. Also signing Friday were pitchers Jimmy Nelson, Brock Stewart and James Pazos.