Today's piece of Lost Jewelry from the Vaults at Oldiez 93 for Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 comes from Derek!

On November 23rd, 1968, "Cinnamon" entered Billboard's Top 40 and spiced its way up to #11, spending eleven weeks in the chart, longer than many songs that went to #1.

Derek, who also recorded under his real name, Johnny Cymbal, was born on February 3rd, 1945 in Ochitree, Scotland.

Derek placed two songs in the Top 40 between 1963 and 1969, the first charted under his real name, Johnny Cymbal, and the second under the name "Derek".  It depends on how you look at his achievements.  He was either a One-Hit-Wonder twice, under different names, or narrowly avoided the stigma of being a One-Hit-Wonder by scoring two Top 40 hits.

Johnny Cymbal died of a heart attack on March 16th, 1993 at the age of 48.