Today's piece of Lost Jewelry from the Vaults at Oldiez 93 for Friday, September 4th, 2015, comes from The Ohio Players!

On September 14th, 1974, "Skin Tight" entered Billboard's Top 40 and raced up to #13, spending seven weeks in the chart and was certified a Gold Record

The Ohio Players, an R&B funk band from Dayton, Ohio, originally consisted of Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner, Walter "Junie" Morrison, Marvin Pearce and "Pee Wee" Middlebrooks, Andrew Nolan, Norman Napier, Marshall "Rock" Jones and Greg Webster.  Morrison, Noland, Napier and Webster left in early 1974, replaced by Clarence "Satch" Satchell, Billy Beck and James "Diamond" Williams.  Satchell died of a brain aneruysm on December 30th, 1995 at the age of 55.

The Ohio Players placed eight songs in the Top 40, including two #1s and four Gold Records.